Marc Ooms |

Marc Ooms |

Long-term sustainability and social commitment are most crucial to the establishment's plans. Like the bulk of thriving corporations, The Fruit Farm Group has many big, bold and exciting ideas. Marc Ooms (cliquez pour lire) and plenty other investors are assuring the future of the group with sustainability in the long-term. Shareholders like Marc Ooms are working to motivate the communities they work intimately with as they continue on to build the business.

Marc Ooms's Early Career

A while ago, he became among the very first to be engaged with research into the performance of the Brussels stock exchange. Later on, he became General Partner at what was on the list of the largest private brokers in Belgium at that point in time. Marc Ooms would stay considerably involved with one of Belgium's most highly-reputed private banking businesses until his retirement in the year 2011.

Marc Ooms and Greenyard Foods

Currently, the organisation is a worldwide forerunner in both prepared and fresh vegetables and fruit, an area of which Marc Ooms still has some strong recollections. The establishment has increased to a massive size, with around 8,200 workers spanning 26 diverse countries. Greenyard Foods started off about 50 years ago (before Marc Ooms joined) as a fairly minor organisation.

He was raised being the eldest son and dwelt at home with his parents and his siblings. In November of 1951, Marc Ooms came into the world in Etterbeek, an area of Belgium. Marc Ooms's father had a business that was connected to importing fruits and veggies.

Inside 2003 and 2011, he was the board of directors Chairman with the Kaaitheater arts center in Brussels. He has an appreciation for both the visual and the performing arts. Marc Ooms observes, appreciates and enjoys countless distinct styles of art for a hobby.

He gained his degree in Business Administration which prepared him for a successful and lengthy career. Above his scholarly work, Marc Ooms has discovered a huge amount from practical, working experiences. Between the years 1970 and 1974, he worked towards his BSc with the VLEKHO Business School in Brussels. As a first push into the world of higher education, Marc Ooms joined Heilig-Hartcollege in Ganshoren, Brussels.